The Forefront of Transportation Innovation

Senator Jeff Brandes understands the critical importance of not only meeting Florida’s transportation needs, but propelling transportation into the 21st Century. In everything from small delivery drones to self-driving cars, Jeff has pioneered the way our state fosters and welcomes innovative transportation technologies, fighting every step of the way to ensure Florida remains at the forefront of advancing this crucial industry.


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Drone Technology

In nearly every industry, drone technology is vastly changing the way firms do business. With this technology, consumers can access goods and services quicker and more efficiently then ever before, and it is up to our legislature to ensure Florida welcomes and encourages these innovations in our state.

This year, I filed legislation to make ‘Delivery Drones’ legal in Florida. These small, autonomous delivery devices can already be seen making deliveries in Washington D.C and California, and now it’s time to bring them to our state. Offering safe and reliable transit of goods only hours after an order is completed, drones can completely revolutionize the way companies do business with Floridians.

Drone technology promises to benefit our society in a multitude of ways, and I’m excited to work with my colleagues in the State Legislature to pursue every avenue in which we can make these important technologies a reality for Florida citizens.

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is no longer just a convenient tool for urban communities. Companies who offer ride sharing services, like Uber and Lyft, have grown  into legitimate transportation companies offering consumers unparalleled prices and ease of use available all over the nation. It’s important for our state to support this industry and recognize the benefits ride-sharing can bring to Florida business, residents, and tourists.

In 2017, I introduced legislation in the State Senate that will fully integrate ride-sharing into Florida”s regulations on transportation, protecting drivers and riders from losing an essential product in their community. Most importantly, this comprehensive regulatory reform will signal to the rest of the nation that Florida is ‘Open for Business’ when it comes to the latest innovations in transportation.

Self Driving Vehicles

The future of transportation is in self-driving technology. Abundant research tell us that autonomous vehicles are not only far more efficient than their manual counter parts, but are much safer as well. Self-driving cars have the potential to completely change our transportation landscape for the benefit of everyday consumers.

Self-driving vehicles are already a reality. Now we need laws to accommodate them. In the State Senate, I’ve made clear my commitment to welcoming this incredible technology in our state, successfully sponsoring legislation that paved the way for tech giants like Google to test their autonomous vehicles on our roads. I’m excited to continue fighting for these life-changing services in the State Senate, and will be working closely with my colleagues to ensure Florida is leading the way in bringing self-driving cars to American garages.